Leading the Maternal Care Revolution, A Podcast With Jennie Joseph


I had a great time talking to Jennie Joseph of Commonsense Childbirth, a non-profit organization helping women through their birthing experiences. Jennie discussed her advocacy to empower women (and their families) in creating positive perinatal experiences and educate as to why natural birth is a safer option.  We also talked how important it is for non-profits to gain financial sustainability in order to help spread the message of the cause and reach a larger audience. In this podcast, you will learn: How Jennie got started as a midwife; What keeps her motivated to continue her advocacy; Why is it important for women and families to understand perinatal issues; What is the core mindset change that has to occur to create a perinatal experience; Why surgery is more risky that natural birth; The business part of running a non-profit; Why non-profit should properly identify sources of revenues and finally What is the JJ Way.

Source: Bryan Orr, WOW Small Business Show

iTunes Link to the Podcast


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