National Perinatal Task Force Hosts Inaugural Event To Raise Awareness About Prematurity and Infant Mortality in the USA


Contact: Jennie Joseph

Tel: 407 569 8802



“National Perinatal Task Force Hosts Inaugural Event To Raise Awareness About

Prematurity and Infant Mortality in the USA”

Orlando, Florida: Midwife and executive director of Commonsense Childbirth Inc., Jennie Joseph, is hosting a national prematurity awareness event on Monday January 19, 2015 as part of Martin Luther King Day, National Day of Service. Joseph founded the grassroots National Perinatal Task Force in the fall of 2014 as a means to draw attention to the number of American babies born before their 37th completed week of gestation, and the plight of their mothers who are too often in ill health. There is a need to educate the public on this ongoing issue as the numbers leave the US ranking poorly amongst other developed nations when it comes to premature births and subsequent infant deaths. According to the March of Dimes ( in 2013 around 450,000 babies or 1 in 9 were born too soon despite the high level of medical expenditures for maternity care, and costing the US billions for managing the repercussions of prematurity on infants that do survive.

The National Perinatal Task Force (, aims to show support for families of preemies or those at greater risk for preterm birth, low-birth weight babies or infant loss by identifying access points to early and consistent prenatal care; offering concrete support from doulas, mentors and community-based providers; and by providing resources both locally and nationally to ensure that families have postpartum and breastfeeding encouragement so that all babies THRIVE beyond their first birthday. The Task Force is developing ‘Perinatal Safe Spots’ manned by volunteers, paraprofessionals and health care providers in areas of particular concern for poor birth outcomes.

People across the nation have joined in support of our inaugural campaign “Heads Up on Infant Prematurity”, by knitting or crocheting hats for newborn or premature infants to be delivered to local Neonatal Intensive Care Units or hospital nurseries on January 19, 2015. Claudia Booker, a midwife, doula and birth advocate in Washington DC firmly believes in the power of the grassroots to bring about change and as one of the leaders of this campaign states, “It is so important to engage the community, and each hat will be presented as a token of love and celebration for a new baby going home healthy from the NICU. More significantly we also want to recognize and thank the doctors and nurses for their tireless service to our most vulnerable citizens, every day!”

About Commonsense Childbirth Inc. and the National Perinatal Task Force Commonsense Childbirth ( is a non-profit organization that houses The Birth Place birth center, the Easy Access Prenatal Care Clinic and now the National Perinatal Task Force. Commonsense Childbirth’s vision is that ALL women have a healthy pregnancy, birth and baby and as such no pregnant woman that needs care is ever turned away. The center has significantly reduced the incidence of low birth weight and prematurity amongst at-risk women in Central Florida and has maintained these unusually low statistics throughout the last ten years. To find out more about how to join the Task Force, start a Perinatal Safe Spot in your area, or knit or crochet baby hats for the national campaign, please contact us through the website or email

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