American Families Need YOU!

Can you help us with a Safe Spot? 

Anybody can do it!   It’s not that complicated, but it really is a matter of life and death.

josefina and patient TBPE

A Perinatal Safe Spot could be a location – it could be your living room, it could be a community center, it could be a room at a school or business. It could be in your mind – it could be a ‘virtual safe spot’ because you have tools and technology that you’re already using to relate with other women who are at risk, or connecting with other providers who are supportive.

You be creative, you figure it out! We put 50 ways on our website  just to give you some pointers to get you started as an Ambassador. You could be a Safe Spot for one mom/baby or you could hold the space, literally or figuratively, as a safe spot for thousands.

We have one commodity already – an abundance of LOVE! In my opinion that’s all we need to get this rolling, the rest will come.

Help us! Join this task force, get on board! It’s time for a perinatal revolution and thank you! ~ Jennie Joseph.

#PerinatalRevolution #PerintalTaskForce#MaternalHealth #NoMorePreemies #EndDisparities #BeLove




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