Join Jennie at the Birthkeeper Summit

What is a BirthKeeper?

Birthkeeper guards our most precious birthright-being born healthy

and loved into a flourishing and just world. We respect and protect

the relationships that support the life-giving capabilities of our mothers

who are birthing the future generations of happy, thriving humans,

and our Mother Earth who sustains and nourishes all life.

Motto: Healing Birth is Healing our Earth

Archetype/model of living: MotherBaby MotherEarth

is our primary, immutable relationship.


At the first BirthKeeper Summit, 2015, we will learn the essential work needed to change the current harmful societal paradigm. We will hear from visionaries, elders and young activists on what steps we can take to move forward to a better world of care and compassion. We will be inspired by the confluence of grassroots movements from diverse segments of our society–rights activists, environmental health proponents, social justice advocates, spiritual leaders, wellness promoters, and birth activists… all understanding the connections we hold together and the responsibility we have to support and love our precious babies and the future of our beloved MotherBaby MotherEarth.

Location: Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 
a state of the art public commons – self-contained building with lecture hall, breakout rooms, central sunny atrium for gathering and exhibitors. In the heart of Berkeley,

1 block from UC Berkeley and 1 block from BART. Mingle with the students, explore Berkeley- the bustling, diverse, social and intellectual center of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Click here for the PDF flier.

Birth Keeper



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