Father’s Day Reflections


Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers! The men in our lives and those of our loved ones are so significant, and as we reflect on this day designed to honor and recognize them, we at the National Perinatal Task Force wish to acknowledge the pivotal role that they play in keeping our families healthy, safe and strong. We also acknowledge the lack of support, interest, care or compassion that has often prevented men from being able to fulfill on their role, their promises, or their intentions when it comes to their babies, their partners and their own best development, particularly men of color.

What is clear is the impact of structural racism throughout the perinatal arena. On this particular Sunday, in the wake of the recent massacre, the continued terror and the ongoing onslaught against African American women and men, I feel compelled to connect the dots and point out where this way of being IS the reason for health care disparities.

If you have asked yourself WHY, if you have ever wondered if more/better/newer research could help us address this dilemma, if you have shaken your head in despair as the numbers continue to reflect what has been hidden for so long, if you are thinking that ‘better nutrition’ might solve this once and for all – I ask that you step into the reality now, lose the cognitive dissonance that keeps us pretending and agree that this is simply due to race.

I am grateful for every single one of you; for the Perinatal Safe Spots, the willing Ambassadors and all the community members, health professionals and agencies on the front lines every day.

We cannot despair, we cannot grow weary, we cannot become faint. Any and every small step, action, mentoring, recognition or support is making a difference – every time. Please help us to keep spreading the word, sharing and supporting each other as we reach out to serve as many mothers – and fathers – that we can reach in the United States of America. We see you, you are making a difference……

Thank you!


perinataltaskforce@gmail.com     @PerinatalTskFrc http://www.facebook.com/perinataltskfrc






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