Press Release: Nurse Walks to Bring Attention to Black Infant Mortality

Sherry Payne- Uzazi Village
Sherry Payne RN, founder – Uzazi Village (C)

For Immediate Release

Contact: Mariah Chrans 913-486-8568

Date: August 31, 2015


Press Release

Nurse Walks to Bring Attention to Black Infant Mortality


Kansas City, MO. Last year, Sherry Payne RN set off to walk across the state of Missouri to bring attention to a silent epidemic: Black Infant Mortality. Across the US, the death rates for Black infants prior to their first birthday, is 2-4 times higher than the White infant death rate. Nurse Payne takes aim at the reasons behind these disturbing figures, by walking and talking to communities that are directly and indirectly impacted.


September is National Infant Mortality Awareness Month, and to garner greater awareness of the problem, Nurse Payne is walking again, this time 28 miles from Columbia MO to Jefferson City, MO, on the Katy Trail to again bring her message to MO legislators, educators, healthcare providers, and community advocates. She plans to walk September 26-27 and will be available to speak to audiences throughout the state the following week on the topic of Black Infant Mortality. According to the March of Dimes, prematurity and low birth weight are key reasons behind the difference in infant loss rates. Lower rates of breastfeeding, racism and poverty also adversely impact African American infants.


Find out more information about Black Infant Mortality Awareness at or contact Mariah at


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