Giving Voice To Women Of Color

There is an upcoming survey that we are excited to announce!

Finally, we get to ask women of color, whose voices are not often heard, how they feel about their birthing experiences. The University of British Columbia has partnered with several organizations, including the National Perinatal Task Force, in an effort to get this survey, Giving Voice to Women of Color, out to people and organizations who are directly and specifically able to reach women of color.

Stay tuned and be of the first to know when it comes out. Those of you that are wondering what you can do and how you can be of help, here is a way! We want to begin to mobilize ambassadors who can assist in disseminating and supporting the survey to communities of color in particular. Let us know if you are of those that are willing to help!

The goals of this study are:

  1. To learn about which maternity care options are most important to all types of pregnant families in the US;
  2. To understand experiences of maternity care in communities of color;
  3. To find out how families decide where to give birth and if place of birth affects their experiences;
  4. To describe the experience of making decisions during pregnancy and birth, including being heard and treated with respect;
  5. To learn about any differences among doctors, midwives, or consumers that may affect maternity care choices.

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