DATE CHANGE -The Better Birth 360 World Summit

We recently shared with you that Jennie Joseph has been invited to be apart of the Better Birth 360 World Summit. CORRECTION to Jennie’s interview date. It will now be aired on Friday March 3, 2017.  To guarantee that you don’t miss it, sign up  TODAY!

Jennie is joined by a diverse group of over 30+ leading experts who share their insights on how to promote a natural, more comfortable, and positive birth experience. Sign up TODAY to take advantage of the FREE interviews.

Please don’t delay because these insightful interviews will be available at no cost to you until March 23, 2017

List of topics that will be discuss at the Summit:

  • How to turn labor into an empowering and pleasurable birth experience
  • How to promote an easier birth with fetal positioning
  • How to turn the fear of labor into a calm, comfortable, and intimate birth experience
  • How to prevent and help your client’s overcome birth traumas
  • Intuition, Boundaries, Protection, and Healing for Birth-Workers
  • How to recover faster and have less pain after birth
  • Essential oils for pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period
  • Non-pharmacological approaches for pain during childbirth
  • How to promote an easier labor and enhance mother-baby bonding with craniosacral therapy
  • How to achieve a positive birth in any circumstance with hypnotherapy
  • How to help your client’s prepare for a conscious conception, pregnancy and birth experience
  • How to bring humans into the world and care for the mother-baby bond so that everyone benefits including the father, children develop fully, and families thrive
  • How to promote a natural, calm, comfortable, and intuitive birthing experience
  • Emotional and physical comfort measures for childbirth
  • How to promote a natural, easier, and positive birth experience using rebozo
  • Navigating the ‘FEAR BASED’ industry of childbirth in the USA
  • Effective ways to lower disrespect and abuse in childbirth
  • Human rights in childbirth
  • Informed consent, birth options, home birth as a choice, and breech and twin skills
  • How to encourage closer partner involvement during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period in order to promote better birth outcomes and lower rates of PTSD and postpartum depression
  • How to work collaboratively with medical staff in a hospital setting to promote a safe, natural, and positive birth experience for your clients
  • And so much more…

If any of these topics resonate with you, we urge you to listen in.

Click on the link below to access The Better Birth 360 World Summit!


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