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Contact: Jennie Joseph


November 2016

The Orlando area ‘Safe Spot’ is located in the Pine Hills neighborhood of West Orlando and operated by Commonsense Childbirth Inc., a non-profit organization that houses The Birth Place birth center, the Easy Access Prenatal Clinic and the National Perinatal Task Force. To find out more about how to join the Task Force, start a Perinatal Safe Spot in your area or knit or crochet baby hats for the national campaign, please contact us via or visit our sister site to learn more about our organization.

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10 thoughts on “Heads Up – National Prematurity Awareness Campaign

    1. Hi Shariellen – and thank you so much! Now unfortunately I am not a knitter so I don’t know how to answer you. If you can scale them down to newborn size that would be fine. Preemie sizes are obviously even smaller but I am unsure how to advise you. If you would be willing to post out on the Face Book event page you may well get a response form the knitters amongst us! Thanks again!


  1. I live in Waco, Tx and there are two local hospitals here. Is there a contact for my area or somewhere I should send the hats when I am done?


    1. Hi Misty,
      Thank you for supporting the Heads Up campaign! As yet there is no coordinator for Waco, TX…would you be willing to take on that role? You can find out more on the FB page re: coordination – there’s a document in the pinned post at the top. It’s fine if you’d just like to knit 🙂 You could deliver the hats to the NICUs yourself on January 19 or mail them to Hazel Hastings, 213 S Dillard St, Suite 340, Winter Garden, FL 34787.


      1. I cannot take on being a coordinator this year. I plan on making time to be a coordinator next year. I will plan on dropping off my crochet hats on the 19th to the two hospitals here in Waco, Tx. Thank you so much for responding!!


  2. I hear that you are collecting blankets as well? We have a number of baby blankets, can we donate them to the National Perinatal task force?


    1. Hello Dorothy,
      Thank you for caring about the babies! We are only collecting knitted or crocheted hats for the Heads Up campaign. I’m certain that there are other organizations that would be happy for the blankets, especially this time of the year! You might check with your local crisis pregnancy center, homeless/women’s shelter, churches, high school service organizations, etc.


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